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Board Advisor



Dr. Estelle Cooke-Sampson was born in the Busan area of South Korea, around September 1951. She eventually ended up at St. Paul's orphanage in Seoul at about the age of 5. She was adopted by Sgt. Cooke, an African-American soldier and moved to the US, where Washington D.C. eventually became her home.


Dr. Cooke-Sampson attended Georgetown Medical School graduating in 1978 and served in the USPHS. Today she is in private practice in radiology and serves on faculty at the Howard University Hospital.


She also actively volunteers all over the world providing medical care. She has two adult daughters and is a retired General from the DC National Guard. Dr. Cooke-Sampson was recently reunited with her paternal half siblings via DNA and the help of 325KAMRA.

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