(Korean Adoptees, Korean Vets and their families,
and Korean families searching for missing members)

1. Korean Adoptees (Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia)

We provide DNA kits to Korean adoptees who live in Canada, Europe, Australia or Asia only. *Those living in the US please scroll below to see where to apply for a kit.​​​​

Send kit request to: [email protected].Include the following information: In.   



Valid email address
Phone number
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Adoption document
A shipping/handling fee of **$35 must be paid using the link below. 

When shipping payment is confirmed, the DNA kit will be mailed. All adoptees are responsible for shipping costs both to and from your country of residence. **The fee includes not only postage (one-way) but also an administration and handling fee which will give you any 325Kamra-coded DNA match if the match is 200cMs or higher. This is for name and location only. ​

No refund for shipping and admin fees will be given if you decide to not use the FTDNA kit. Moreover, if you mistakenly buy a kit and request a refund, you will be provided a refund minus a $5.00 surcharge. 

**Shipping and Handling Fee
(Korean adoptees only)

*For Korean adoptees living in the U.S.​​​​

You have to request a kit through the facebook group KAA/Korean American Adoptees (
In other words, if you are a Korean adoptee who lives in the United States,
325Kamra CANNOT mail you a DNA kit. The aforementioned FB group will vet you and let you know how to request a kit in the United States.

2. Korean Vets and their Family Members

Send kit request to:  [email protected] Include the following information:
(If servicemember is unavailable to test,  siblings and children may test on their behalf.)

Name and mailing address (no PO boxes)
Name of servicemember
Branch of servicemember
Dates servicemember was in Korea
Rank and Unit of servicemember
Photo of servicemember (in uniform if possible)

3. Koreans who would like to DNA test

For English, send kit request to:  [email protected] In Korean, send kit request to: [email protected]

Include the following information.

Name and mailing address 
Email address and phone number
If you are searching for someone in particular
 then provide information about that.


If you lose your kit for any reason, we can get a replacement for you from FTDNA for a $10 processing fee.

Please go to paypal and send $10 to [email protected]

Please email [email protected] Put the following in the subject line: Replacement Kit #________, including your kit number.

In the email include your name and address and the receipt number from PayPal.