Our  DNA kits are made possible by a donation from the T&W Foundation via Thomas Park Clement. The T&W Foundation has made the same DNA kits available for adoptees in the United States via a FB group called Korean American Adoptees 

For Adoptees

Contact our team for a free DNA kit. 

Complete the test and wait for it to be processed. This DNA data is yours to manage independently.

For Korean Volunteers

Contact our team for a free DNA kit.

You have the choice of managing your own, or if you simply wish to contribute, we will manage your kit and protect your privacy.

For Possible Birth Family

Contact our Korean team for Korean family, or our US team for Veterans. We will conduct the test and code your information to protect your privacy.


Results are uploaded to, a third-party database comprised of tests from 23&Me, Ancestry, FTDNA, and other companies. You can then see your matches. 

Become a member for assistance with building a family tree, translation and interpretation, and more!

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