Director of European Operations/

KAD Org Liaison 

Board Member


Lt. Col.  Jayme Hansen entered the army as a private and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant during his enlistment, deploying in support of Operation Desert Storm and in a Medical Readiness/Humanitarian tour to Panama.


Lt. Col. Hansen has held many posts during his military career. He used to , serve as the Comptroller, CHRO and DPMO at USAMMCE near Frankfurt, Germany. Lt. Col but is now relocated to the Washington DC area. Hansen is a graduate of Syracuse University’s MBA and MPA Programs through the Army's LTHET Program.


In his spare time, Lt. Col.  Hansen enjoys traveling with his family and volunteering for numerous community outreach programs. Lt. Col. Hansen was sent to the US from Korea at the age of 4 and one-half, and he remains passionate about adoption and orphan issues.

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