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Board Advisor


Born in 1957, Katherine (nee Cathy Kim), was sent for adoption to the US at age three and a half. Originally adopted to Southern California, she moved frequently with her family, spending most of her secondary school years in the Midwest. Katherine received her undergraduate degree in Florida and her master's degree from UCLA. She spent her working career in the teaching and editing fields. 

Today, Katherine lives in Boston and has two grown children.  She has been active in the Korean Adoptee (KAD) community since 2011 and is interested in adoptee and biracial identity issues.

Through DNA testing, Katherine found the family of her American GI father. Though he is deceased, she has made contact with cousins, and her two paternal half brothers. She has also found her Korean mother and is in reunion with her and has had contact with the half siblings thru her mother.

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