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Communications Director

Board Member


Born in the city of Bupyeong in the early 1960s, Tia grew up in South Korea. In 1977 Tia met a group of Hapas  for the very first time. They were made up of of biracial young people who all spoke Korean. She felt an incredible fellowship with this community, and they embraced her as their sister and she embraced them.


In 1978, Tia came to the US and lived in Florida until 1991. During that time she had to learn English. She also became a mother during those years. When Tia moved to California in 1991, she reconnected with a few of her mixed-race friends from South Korea. 

Tia feels strongly about reuniting families and bridging gaps in cultural differences. Through 325KAMRA, Tia provides both language and culture translation as well as distributes DNA kits to searching families and adoptees. Tia is also married to a mixed-race Korean adoptee.

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