Our mission is to reunite Korean families separated by war, adoption, death and tragedy by DNA testing Korean adoptees, armed forces personnel who served in Korea, and anyone of Korean descent to expand the worldwide database.

We use autosomal DNA kits

to search for biological family members of international Korean adoptees.

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our  DNA kits are made possible by a donation from the

T&W Foundation via

Thomas Park Clement. 

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Dear Kamra Friends and Supporters,
With much concern over the COVID-19 (corona virus), DNA collection in Korea is temporarily suspended. We will not be administering kits in person nor mailing them to family members in Korea nor mailing kits or Antholy books internationally to Korean adoptees until the crises has been averted. If you are a 325Kamra member, we can offer translation support but other services will be limited so that we don't put our staff at risk.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

325KAMRA in partnership with

the Korean National Police

As of November 2019, the Korean National Police has been testing people in their Missing Persons Database using FTDNA kits supplied by 325Kamra. Both the Korean National Police and the NCRC (National Center for the Rights of the Child - formerly KAS) is cooperating with 325Kamra. In fact, the Sodaemun Police is providing us space at their station to test families with the FTDNA kits we have in South Korea.


Some months ago, we forged a relationship with the Daegu Police who have been using our kits to test searching families. Because a recent reunion that 325Kamra facilitated shed light on the fact that lost children had been sent for adoption, the police are now using the DNA kits that we distribute to Korean adoptees throughout the world.


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