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Having hit a dead end about two years into her own search, Rounds tried to move on. After all, she had a loving family of her own and was ready to drop her hopes of learning about her past.  But in January 2018, the genealogy team for 325KAMRA approached her about a potential match — a man named Gilbert Potyandy, who lived in Florida. Potyandy’s wife of 56 years, Donna, first got the call from a 325KAMRA member about two months later. When she learned during a phone call in March 2018 that an organization was looking for Gilbert, Donna said she remembers how nervous her husband, whom she described as extremely private and reserved, was to learn about the call from 325KAMRA.  


Linda Rounds (left) and her birth father, Gilbert Potyandy, sit in Rounds' half sister's house in Wilmington, N.C., on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021. Rounds connected with her birth father while she was helping other Korean adoptees to find their birth families. She and her extended family, including her two half sisters, Gilbert, and his wife, Donna Potyandy, met in Wilmington to celebrate Thanksgiving all together for the first time.  (Madeline Gray / Special Contributor)



How a nonprofit that reunites Korean adoptees helped a Frisco woman trace her roots


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