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If you would like to learn more about DNA and host your own DNA party, please get in contact with us at

Hosting DNA party.
(Europe or Australia)


To host a DNA party, contact:

If bulk kits are to be mailed for a DNA distribution/gathering, the hosting organization is responsible for bulk shipping costs. The hosting organization must also supply an inventory list of all test-takers in advance before kits will be shipped. The inventory list must provide all names of test-takers, their addresses, and contact emails. This information must be provided in advance. If a list of test-takers is not provided in advance, then a deposit of $50 per kit must be paid, and this deposit will be refunded when the distributed kits are received at the FTDNA lab.


Information to provide test takers present at the gathering
Before the Test:​

  • Make sure you do NOT eat, smoke, drink (even water!) before the test!


During the Test:

  • Take a picture of the number on the envelope.  You will need to retain this number, later on, to register online and retrieve the information after it is received by FTDNA. 

  • Do not get the vials or paperwork mixed up after you open them. A kit number is assigned to the items inside the envelope.

  • Read carefully the ‘before you swab sheet’’ and follow the instructions. 

  • You must wait at least 30 minutes after eating, brushing, drinking or smoking. It is recommended to wait at least an hour and optimal to do this first thing in the morning before you swab your cheek.


What gets mailed:
  • Clear ziplock envelope with Kit#

  • 2 plastic vials

  • SIGNED Green release form

  • Information sheet (provide contact information but no CC or banking information! Remember the kit is free to you so no payment information is needed on the white FTDNA form)


Mail Kit to

HOUSTON TX 77008-1673




You can observe a kit being administered online at:

It is always best to get a tracking number when mailing the kit. 

Test takers will be responsible for return shipping costs.

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