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1. How will you find the Korean family members?


We have reached out to media, NCRC (National Center for the Rights of the Child), the adoption agencies, and the Korean National Police to let the public know that DNA testing is freely available for any birth searching family member or family member who is searching for a missing person.


2. No membership, but find I have a coded name on my FTDNA or GEDmatch accounts?


If you pay the membership dues, we will give you all the information on

that person as long as you can demonstrate that they are a close DNA match to you (200 cMs or higher). Only by paying membership dues will this information be released to you. 


3. How often will you collect DNA?


We have  a full-time team in Korea who are distributing and collecting DNA kits and managing projects there.


4. What if the person that I am matched with has passed?


We will supply you with the information that we have on that person, including photos.


5. If I am interested in participating in your organization, how can I do that?


Contact us at

6. Does anyone in this organization draw a salary?


Our board members do not draw a salary and work only on a volunteer basis. Our staff in Korea are  paid and salary for the Korea staff comes out of the organization's operating budget.  There are other operational costs including kits, shipping, bookkeeping and tax accounting and preparation, liability insurance, etc.  Any money received by the organization via membership or donations goes toward operating costs. 


7. How will the vetting process be done to prove one is a Korean Adoptee?


Vetting is done through our organization for all Korean adoptees.  Give as much information as possible when completing the request form.  You may be asked to provide additional information.  Once Korean adoptee status is confirmed, you'll be notified of the next step in the process.


8. Are membership dues tax deductible?


No. We are providing services to members (potentially DNA match information or a kit)

and services are never tax deductible.


9. Can I still get a DNA kit if I am not a member?


As long as you are are Korean adoptee you are eligible for a free kit (but you must pay postage and handling).  Or if you are a Korean vet or a family member of a Korean vet you also can qualify for a free DNA kit. Any person of Korean descent can also receive a free kit.

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