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Where should I test?  


Everywhere you can.  Companies that you can buy a kit are Ancestry, 23andMe, and MyHeritage.  If you have test at any of these, you can do an autosomal data transfer at FTDNA, and pay them their fee to see all of your matches.

Here is a list of DNA Companies and Third Party Platforms:

What is a cMs?

I DNA tested, NOW WHAT?

1.  Download your DNA Raw Data from the providers' site to your computer
2.  Upload the Raw Data to the 3rd party companies that will accept it.

      Genesis GedMatch (replaces the old Gedmatch)/Verogen

Most of the companies are only able to transfer Ancestry DNA versions 1 and 2.

If for any reason you have a problem uploading your Ancestry DNA, here is a tool called a Patch to help convert the file so it can be accepted to upload Ancestry DNA to FTDNA

Understanding Ethnicity Breakdowns:

To apply for a free FTDNA kit, please visit go to this page:

For DNA help, join the Facebook Group DNA tested Korean Adoptee's and Korean War veterans and their children
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