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Data Director
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Ji Soon Lee was born in late 1961 in Donducheon, Korea, to Chong Hui Yi, a Korean native, and Irvin Rogers, an American GI. In 1966, she was adopted by a family in California and given the name Bella.

Bella is actively involved in the Korean Adoptee Community, specializing in assisting adoptees in their search for birth families and advocating for DNA testing for Amerasians seeking to reconnect with their roots.  She proudly served as a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and has extensive experience managing hotels nationwide.  For 15 years, Bella worked as a Fleet Planner for Chipman Relocations, serving as an Agent for United Vanlines.

Married since the early 80's, Bella and her husband have three adult children and many grandchildren.  After a three-year DNA search, she successfully located her birth father, who unfortunately passed away in 2010.  Bella has since discovered six paternal half-siblings, learning that her father was aware of her existence and had attempted to find her unsuccessfully.  Additionally, she has a half-sister through her mother's side who was also given up for adoption.  Through DNA testing, Bella has reunited with another half-sister who was raised by their Korean mother until her passing in 2004. Her mother is buried in the United States.

Bella's passion lies in utilizing her expertise in DNA research to help reunite families, aligning with the mission of 325KAMRA.

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