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Ji Soon Lee  was born in late 1961 in Donducheon, Korea to a Korean Native (Chueng Hee Lee) and an American GI (Irvin Rogers). She was named Bella when she was adopted in 1966 to a family in California.


Bella is active in the Korean Adoptee Community, specializing in birth family searches and speaking on and advocating for DNA Testing for Amerasians searching for birth families. A proud Veteran of the United States Coast Guard, she has also managed hotels across the country and has been a Fleet Planner for Chipman Relocations, an Agent for United Vanlines for the past 15 years.


She and her husband of 32 years have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren. After a 3-year DNA search, she successfully found her birth father who unfortunately passed away in 2010. She has 6 paternal half  siblings and was told that her father knew about her and tried to find her, unsuccessfully. She also has a half sister via her mother's side who was sent for adoption. Their search for their mother continues.

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