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Genetic Genealogist

Board Member

Beth was given the name Kim Byul Nim in the orphanage in Seoul, South Korea where she lived with her sister Joellen.  Beth and her sister were adopted together to a small town in the United States in 1988 where they were raised in a loving family and participated in multiple sports growing up.  After graduating from college Beth decided to pursue a career in the IT industry where she has been a professional for over 15 years.

Beth received her first DNA kit as a gift, and while trying to figure out how to interpret the DNA results she stumbled upon 325KAMRA on Facebook. She decided to get involved with 325KAMRA in early 2019 and began as a volunteer moderating some of their Facebook groups.  Shortly after, she became part of the research team that locate birth families through DNA.  She has not found any birth family yet but in the meantime her passion is assisting others with their search for their roots.

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