Korean adoptees (Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia)

325KAMRA can ONLY provide DNA kits to Korean adoptees who live in Canada, Europe, Australia or Asia.


*Those living in the U.S. please scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow this link.

For Korean adoptees in (Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia)


Send kit request to: 325kamraht@gmail.com


Include the following information:   


  • Name 

  • Address 

  • Valid email address

  • Phone number

  • Date of Birth

  • Place of Birth

  • Photo

  • Adoption document

  • Have you DNA tested with other companies?

  • Receipt of payment


A shipping/handling fee of **$35 must be paid using the link below. 



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When shipping payment is confirmed, the DNA kit will be mailed. All adoptees are responsible for shipping costs both to and from your country of residence. **The fee includes not only postage (one-way) but also an administration and handling fee which will give you any 325Kamra-coded DNA match if the match is 200cMs or higher. This is for name and location only. ​

No refund for shipping and admin fees will be given if you decide to not use the FTDNA kit. Moreover, if you mistakenly buy a kit and request a refund, you will be provided a refund minus a $5.00 surcharge. 

**Shipping and Handling Fee

(Korean adoptees only)


You have to request a kit through the facebook group:
KAA/Korean American Adoptees (https://www.facebook.com/groups/KoreanAmericanAdoptees/)
In other words, if you are a Korean adoptee who lives in the United States,
325Kamra CANNOT mail you a DNA kit.
The aforementioned FB group will vet you and let you know how to request a kit in the United States.

Fax:+1 781 652 0410

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